24HRGYM is primarily a member’s only gym.

We like to run the gym as efficiently as possible and restrict membership to prevent over crowding which is often a problem neglected by other gyms, we do this by only offering memberships to existing members friends and family also past members wishing to return (any member can bring a friend or family member for a week free).

This all goes towards creating a friendly honest and welcoming gym atmosphere. Nice people tend to have nice friends and family.

We can therefore focus our efforts on looking after our current members rather than focusing on sales and marketing trying to get anyone or everyone to join, which can lead to problems in the workout experience.

So rather than let anybody and everybody join we prefer to filter who can join, we set a high criteria that other gyms neglect to do. In the past people from other gyms have joined here and quickly fallen foul of our standards in gym etiquette. Which can be negative when that person is confronted?

Examples of things that we do not cater for:

  • We do not cater for power-lifters
  • We do not cater for competitive weight-lifters
  • We have a very strict policy of no weights being left on any machine or on the gym floor
  • We do not allow grunting, shouting or vocal trainers
  • We do not allow weights to be dropped on the floor
  • We have no personal trainers
  • We have no chalk or bags on the gym floor
  • We have no hogging or chatting on your phone while sat on equipment

We have many more “Don’t Do’s” and a “three strikes and out” policy, other reasons are people coming in to train in jeans/work wear, training bare footed or in socks, wearing muddy boot’s etc

If we have to speak with someone 3 times we know it’s not the right gym for that person and then they are asked to leave and their membership is cancelled.

If you believe that this is the gym for you and you feel that you are able to train under our gym etiquette and rules then we look forward to meeting you.

Any other questions then please email

If you wish to make an arrangement to discuss joining or need further information on joining then please call 01793 881900

Please note any changes made to the account will incur a £25 admin fee.