The 24HRGYM offers its members a different and unique workout experience. Memberships are only available through referral from an existing member (or past members rejoining). Once a member your family or invited guests are welcome to come along with you and try us out for a week for free to share the experience. Nice respectful people tend to have nice friends and family.

The gym is limited in membership to prevent over crowding which is so often a problem at leisure facilities. We do not cater for power-lifters and vocal weight lifters as this can be off putting whilst others are training.

We are an eclectic group of friendly welcoming individuals who all share the love of the gym.

We have a strict policy where by all the weights are put back in their correct places and weights are not left on the machines.

All the machines and cardio equipment are maintained to a high standard and out of order signs are virtually non existent.

We cater for all men and women in every level of fitness, shape and health.

“if you like what we do tell others, if you don’t like what we do tell us”.