Hi Members

As most of you are aware, we have closed the gym, and until we can reopen we hope that as many members support us as possible.

We realises some members will need to cancel their membership. We have decided not to freeze anyone’s memberships. as the gym needs support, as we always say. “it’s your gym and we just run it for you”, and it cannot exist without you. We prefer it that any members wishing to cancel please email info@24hrgym.co.uk.

If some members choose to claim an indemnity we will treat this also as a cancellation.

We are not a corporate of share holders it’s simply Kirsty, Alexa and 2 lovely cleaning ladies and myself.

We will be working on improving the “members only community page” and upgrading the Gym further whilst it is closed.

Stay safe and see you all soon. Kind regards


The 24HR GYM Member's Gallery was developed by Vernon Montgomery over many years. It's not just the photos alone that are to be considered. They are the only real proof of the end result, captured and displayed as a permanent reminder - to the members and others in the gym - of what can be achieved, using an objective science of effective protein and calorie control.

The experience is what isn't captured. Each person will have their own unique story to their emotions (high and low) and expectations. Each one would personally recommend their journey and experience.

Please note: All photos are of members of the gym. None of them are models or paid professionals. No photos are re-touched, highlighted or any way tampered with.

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