None of this can be achieved without controlling your calorie and protein intake. These two most important factors are much overlooked but are based on an exact science of mathematics which “take the guess-workout of the calorie and protein content of various foods, ideas, or cardio machines (which ultimately only burn calories). Unless you know how many calories you have eaten then the calories you have burned become irrelevant. If you ignore this fundamental key then your body will only replace the deficit you have created.

The body has evolved over 3 million years and your “wish” to change its shape does not come into the equation.

E.g. if you went to the desert you would take water ..agreed.. because what the body loses in fluid it will automatically require you to replenish and it does this by making you feel thirsty.

Also, if you increased sodium, the body would increase potassium (electrolyte balance) to compensate for the extra salt intake.

The body does not concern itself with your ideas of improvement. For that matter, it doesn’t recognise nutrients (unless it becomes severely deficient when pregnant). It does recognises calories (fats sugars).

If you burn or reduce calories, (in many cases too fast) the body becomes hungry. Of course my policy is very much in agreement with except where they fail to explain a way to apply the knowledge.

Moreover, if you go to a gym,or take on a fitness programme, without understanding that the body requires a certain amount of protein to benefit by the reshaping but does not require endless amounts which will only take it to the opposite effect desired.

A certain amount of understanding is required inasmuch as the correct protein intake for a patient in, say, a burns unit in a hospital who needs to produce living tissue will also be required for any toning, firming or body sculpture programme.

The human organism needs 50 to 70 grams of protein a day just to stay healthy and how many are aware of even this small amount of information, or more importantly, know how to find out about HOW TO FIND IT OUT?

Most people only pay lip service to the Government’s control of the advertising of so-called weight loss products because they protect themselves by stipulating “any food will ONLY help as PART of CALORIE CONTROLLED DIET”. Does this sound familiar? The programme should be backed up by adding that any exercises or muscle-building claims or machines can ONLY help if they are part of a PROTEIN CONTROLLED DIET.

Please feel free to investigate these claims and I hope you will be pleasantly refreshed.

Good Health