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As most of you are aware, we have closed the gym, and until we can reopen we hope that as many members support us as possible.

We realises some members will need to cancel their membership. We have decided not to freeze anyone’s memberships. as the gym needs support, as we always say. “it’s your gym and we just run it for you”, and it cannot exist without you. We prefer it that any members wishing to cancel please email info@24hrgym.co.uk.

If some members choose to claim an indemnity we will treat this also as a cancellation.

We are not a corporate of share holders it’s simply Kirsty, Alexa and 2 lovely cleaning ladies and myself.

We will be working on improving the “members only community page” and upgrading the Gym further whilst it is closed.

Stay safe and see you all soon. Kind regards

Muscle? Toning? Firming?

Can you been toned but not muscled?

Can you be firmed but not toned?

Can you be all 3?

There we go again, we re-invent new words to make old words more "acceptable" to women, or those with "associated" thinking of what other words mean. "I want to be firm but I don't like big muscles". It does not matter if you want to be firm toned or muscled its all the same thing there as there are not degrees of firmness.

Or is extreme firmness the same as muscle? Is all muscle degrees dependant on how YOU want to associate yourself with the word? You cannot make fat firm. Fat has its own metabolic pathway and operates on different sets of rules as much as the difference between chalk and cheese on a the same dinner table. The muscle has stages in its production .

Firstly the body gets firm, or toned, then after this the muscle begins to have shape. So the work load merely increases to sustain and improve the muscular size. Women, for that matter, will never be able to describe themselves as "muscled" as they do not have the ability (naturally) to produce the muscles that they fear. Firming, and toning tends to be a feminine requirement for their body shape and muscled tends to be a man's preferred requirement.

For anyone to acquire the body shape they prefer takes lot of damn hard work over a consistent amount of time together with a controlled nutritional intake. Alternatively some people look muscled like Thai boxers. Madonna, and Lara Croft spent months reducing their body fat (which covers muscles) to give the *appearance* of having more muscles. Thai boxers e.g. (Bruce Lee) have very low body fats and likewise, have very low body weight but are still muscled.

The illusion of the perfect body shape can be manipulated by dropping down body fat, which will bring in the waist, so that it is less than the shoulder width thereby giving the "appearance" of a muscular transformation This, together with a bit of sweat, and a tan it can be impressive to see.

As this body fat comes down, your opinion as to how the woman now looks will be dependant upon how you want to describe her. Is she now 'toned' or 'well firmed to 'muscled just because of a drop in the body fat?

Good health

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