CLIMATE and soil are the chief factors in the production of race characteristics. Climate and soil produce food.

Food builds the bones and regulates the stature.

Food forms the muscles and sustains their activities.

Food builds the brain, the heart, the nerves and all the great bodily organs and is not only at work to replace damage and waste, and repair deficiencies, but also supplies the guides and rulers necessary to co-ordinate and direct all their activities down to the minutest detail.

Food gives colour to the cheeks and supplies the pigment for the skin, eyes, and hair.

Sterility or fecundity depend on food. Easy or difficult labour depends on food. Infant and maternal mortality depend on food. Brain power, body power, courage, stamina, the joy of life and depression and suffering of disease depend on food.

Inherent racial characteristics are helpless to reproduce their potencies with out suitable foodstuffs on which selective calls may operate their choice. Want of sun shine, damp, cold, and the hardships can be supported into perfect health by balancing these deficiencies with special foodstuffs.

Food is the sustenance of life and supports all its activities. Food and only food can give the figure beauty of form as it can cripple into deformity.

More vital to its health, its capacities, and its continuity than are the hospitals, social services, education or policies is- THE FOOD AND THE RACE

Good health