The 24HR GYM Member's Gallery was developed by Vernon Montgomery over many years. It's not just the photos alone that are to be considered. They are the only real proof of the end result, captured and displayed as a permanent reminder - to the members and others in the gym - of what can be achieved, using an objective science of effective protein and calorie control. The experience is what isn't captured. Each person will have their own unique story to their emotions (high and low) and expectations.

Each one would personally recommend their journey and experience.

Please note : All photos are of members of the gym. None of them are models or paid professionals. No photos are re-touched, highlighted or any way tampered with.

The Method
The calorie is the least understood topic in weight loss. So much so that even when faced with the over whelming evidence in its favour, purely due to its obscurity and misunderstanding and lack of correct explanation, to the point of contradictory advice by others, makes the experience not only attainable, but each person can replicate the shape at "will". Following a simple formula over again. As well as tanning and presentation of the theme - we also coordinate to create the perfect picture.

Who's method?
Vernon Montgomery, a former bodybuilder with 25 years experience, knew that for a bodybuilder to peak each time at will for a particular show, a science of control had to be applied. That science or calorie-control had to be formulated into a simple enough program for the less experienced to understand in a "nut shell" simple program.

The tanning, preparation, protein & calorie-control and photos are all orchestrated to each individual so the picture has some personal relevance to them. It is sometimes their family, occupation or the social image they have already.

"If you're in shape you can wear a bin liner and look good. If you're out of shape, not even shopping at the best fashion designer stores can help you look good."

The average time it takes to photo someone - from fat (depending on the body fat levels at the beginning) to their desired result - is 4 months, at 1 to 2 lbs a week.


Any-'body' interested in learning about the "calorie controlled program" right up to, and including the photo shoot itself, should contact Vern. If it's a holiday to aim for, wedding photos or just a personal journey you would like to take. We'll help you get what you're looking for.

"If you look good, we look good - everyone wins."

Vernon montgomery can be contacted at or on 01793 881900